[Arknights] Texas PREORDER

New arknights girl: Texas!
Texas’ sword rain skill has saved my butt so many times I’ve lost count. It’s only proper that I pay homage huhu.
Preorders end July 2nd

Unfortunately, I can’t add t-shirts right now; my manufacturer (Printful) is experiencing delays and fulfillment times are long. I’ll add it in the future! For now, I’ll do my best and make more stickers!

FREE SHIPPING is available for all domestic orders. Please use code “MOFUGANG”!

Preorders: Please allow for 2-3 weeks to ship. I’m doing my best to trim this time down!
Shipping: Postal system is subject to unexpected delays at the moment.
Tshirts: Fullfillment can take up to 6 weeks at the moment. Sorry!

Orie x Yorha orders are 100% shipped. Working on a few more pending orders. Almost all caught up!
– Yokura

[Arknights] Skyfire

It’s time for a new gacha hell, and this time it’s Arknights! Honestly this has been a really fun game; I’ve been looking forward to its release since last summer.
I’m starting with one of my favorite units Rin- I mean Skyfire!

Preorder – Orie x Yorha (Ends May 22)

New orie! I was really happy with how this piece came out. 2B’s outfit just works really well, dontcha think?

Preorder – Linne w/ pointy object (Ends 5/14)

Originally, I was going to print this for Michigan masters, and maybe CEO/CEOtaku, but that didn’t happen. It’d be a shame to just leave the design lying around so please enjoy Linne with stabby

FreshTango Collaboration – Preorder ends 5/7

I’ve teamed up with FreshTango to bring you QUALITY OC CONTENT!
I drew a their OC Satomi, and my OC Mofuko in cute bunnysuits.
Satomi will be a limited run preorder, so don’t miss out!

Akeno Bunnysuit

This week’s new sticker preorder features Akeno Himejima from High School DxD!
Bunnysuit season is always in season!
Preorders end 4/30

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