Shipping timeline

All preorders are packed! It’ll take a few days for the packages to start moving, but look forward to them! – Yoku 05/26

Extras have been put up!

Did you miss out on something during preorders? All the extra stock has been listed on the store now! Better pick up any of the limited items if you haven’t already.

Items that will not be returning:

MofuMofu Pack
Mofuko Alter x Techwear (HOLO)
Mofuko x Swimsuit (HOLO)

Mofuko x April 2021

Support Mofuko! All proceeds go to spoiling Mofuko more!

Limited time items: Holo stickers, Standee, MofuMofu Bundle

Preorders Ended Apr 26th

MofuMofu Pack

Give me everything — Best value!

Bundle Exclusive Item:

Mofuko (Original) x Techwear sticker (specialty laminate)

8 Items included:

Mofuko x Hydrate! Acrylic Standee
Mofuko x Hydrate! sticker
Mofuko ALTER x Techwear sticker
Mofuko ALTER x Techwear (HOLO) sticker
Mofuko x Swimsuit sticker
Mofuko x Swimsuit (HOLO) sticker
Mofuko Peeker
Mofuko Peeker (Megane)

Mofuko x Hydrate!

Let’s go on a run?

Acrylic standee: Big and beautiful 8″ tall Mofuko! With a tiny water bottle

Sticker: 6″ vinyl w/ glossy finish

Mofuko ALTER x Techwear

Hmph, I don’t care if you think I look good or anything

Mofuko x Swimsuit

H-how is it….?

Mofuko Peekers!

lemme peep

Stickers approx 4.5″ x 4″

Rainy Day Mofuko

New Print!

11″ x 17″ Art Print

All Items