[Hololive] Okayu & Korone

Mogumogu hand over all your yubis!

I was drawing Korone and thought, there’s no way to have Korone without Okayu. So for this drop, we have a double dose of hololivers! I love their interactions too much, I hope y’all enjoy these, and I hope you all wished Korone a happy birthday! (It was her birthday on 10/1)

Items available: Kiss cut decal, HOLO Manga style bookmark/slap sticker, and a lovely Okayu&Korone art print
Preorders end Sunday 10/11

Shipping updates

Preorders: Please allow for 2-3 weeks to ship. I’m doing my best to trim this time down!
Shipping: Postal system is subject to unexpected delays at the moment.
Tshirts: Fullfillment can take up to 6 weeks at the moment. Sorry! currently postponed

Mousepad preorders are being heavily delayed. Sorry! They’re currently in the ocean en route to me. A combination of covid and shipping being backed up has delayed it a lot. I’m keeping an eye out for them, and will be shipping them the second they hit my doorstep.
Watame preorders are almost all done! I hope you guys enjoy them!
– Yokura

[Hololive] Tsunomaki Watame

WA TA ME! WA TA ME! Enjoy this rap god sheep!
I’ve been listening to Watame rap nonstop. I’ve fallen into a hole and I don’t want to get out. 

Items available: Kiss cut decal, HOLO Manga style Bookmark/slap sticker, and a NIGHT FEVER!! print
Preorders end 9/10

3D mousepad preorders

New Mofuko 3D mousepad! Preorders come with a limited TCG card bonus. And will likely not get restocked for a long time, so preorder to guarantee yours!

Robin, Mym, and Cleo mousepads are now available to preorder as well.

Pre-orders end Aug 31st. Estimated shipping: mid Sept

[Hololive] Kiryu Coco

When it comes to the Hololive Vtubers, Coco is the most inspirational to me. She work so hard!
This drop is a tribute to Coco!
Items available: Kiss cut decal, HOLO Manga style slap/bookmark sticker, and an ASACOCO art print!
Please enjoy!

Preorders end August 7th

[Hololive] Usada Pekora

Holo holo holo live ! Who’s your favorite hololiver? I’m am currently diving through the first 7 layers of vtuber hell.
I enjoy Pekora’s content a lot! So I have a new, and special peko-peko drop for you guys today.
The Manga-style slap is printed on OIL SLICK HOLOGRAPHIC vinyl, which looks SUPER sick. Please enjoy!

[Arknights] Texas

New arknights girl: Texas!
Texas’ sword rain skill has saved my butt so many times I’ve lost count. It’s only proper that I pay homage huhu.

Unfortunately, I can’t add t-shirts right now; my manufacturer (Printful) is experiencing delays and fulfillment times are long. I’ll add it in the future! For now, I’ll do my best and make more stickers!

[Arknights] Skyfire

It’s time for a new gacha hell, and this time it’s Arknights! Honestly this has been a really fun game; I’ve been looking forward to its release since last summer.
I’m starting with one of my favorite units Rin- I mean Skyfire!

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