Shipping timeline

After preorders end, it’ll take approx 2-3 weeks to ship out. If there are any delays, I’ll update this page and my insta! – Yoku

Preorders are over!

Did you miss preorders? Don’t worry, you have one last chance to pick up some of the limited items(spot holo stickers) when I receive all the merch from my manufacturers. I will have a small stock of extras, and then they’ll be gone! poof!

Mofuko x April 2021

Support Mofuko! All proceeds go to spoiling Mofuko more!

Limited time items: Holo stickers, Standee, MofuMofu Bundle

Preorders Ended Apr 26th

MofuMofu Pack

Give me everything — Best value!

Bundle Exclusive Item:

Mofuko (Original) x Techwear sticker (specialty laminate)

8 Items included:

Mofuko x Hydrate! Acrylic Standee
Mofuko x Hydrate! sticker
Mofuko ALTER x Techwear sticker
Mofuko ALTER x Techwear (HOLO) sticker
Mofuko x Swimsuit sticker
Mofuko x Swimsuit (HOLO) sticker
Mofuko Peeker
Mofuko Peeker (Megane)

Mofuko x Hydrate!

Let’s go on a run?

Acrylic standee: Big and beautiful 8″ tall Mofuko! With a tiny water bottle

Sticker: 6″ vinyl w/ glossy finish

Mofuko ALTER x Techwear

Hmph, I don’t care if you think I look good or anything

Mofuko x Swimsuit

H-how is it….?

Mofuko Peekers!

lemme peep

Stickers approx 4.5″ x 4″

Rainy Day Mofuko

New Print!

11″ x 17″ Art Print

All Items